About Us

Whatever brought you to my website, I'm glad your here as this means your most likely into chunky jewellery like myself!

My name is Chrissy. Im a 20-something girl living in Toronto who, from as far back as I can remember loved sneaking into my moms closet to raid her high heels, makeup & jewelry. 

As I grew up and tried to 'find myself', I went through as many fashion phases as you can name, punk, sporty, girly...etc. I found that as I moved through those stages I always held onto some sort of fashion characteristic, almost as if it was memorabilia.

Now, I'm the type of girl who loves wearing vans with gala dresses, backwards hats with high heels. All the styles that would be dubbed a faux pas, speak to me. 

I created CVM Jewelry so I could accessorize all my personalities.

I hope the collections speak to you as much as they do for me. I hope you wear it dressed up or down, with vans or heels.

With love,



In Dedication to...

My beloved bestfriend, Michelle Marie Garcia who has left us way too early.